We are a small artisan brewery 

We specialize in producing distinctive all-malt lager and other German and Czech style beers. We use only the finest, most appropriate malts, hops, water and yeast in our beers. While our lagers are similar to those made in Germany and the Czech Republic, they are our own unique interpretation of the style. 

Lager beers are fermented at lower temperatures than ale, using yeast that has adapted to cooler fermentations. Low temperature fermentations create fewer “yeasty” aromas, esters, and flavors that are so common in ales. We brew lagers because we enjoy their smooth malty and hoppy character. 

We take no short-cuts in our beer making.

This means using the best possible ingredients, from German malt and German, Czech, and Oregon hops, to McMinnville's naturally soft water. We use a German-style step-mashing process that allows us to reduce the protein content of our beer, that when combined with long, low temperature lagering, results in maltier and naturally clearer beer without filtering. Our beers are conditioned in the fermenter, and bottled without filtration. This creates a finer 'bead' (smaller bubbles) and a smoother texture, but means that there may be a little bit of yeast left in the bottom of the bottle. Finally we self-distribute our beers in Oregon and Washington and use a great craft distributor in California called Lime Ventures , This allows us to deliver our beer to market faster and with less opportunity for exposure to the things that can compromise beer flavor - excess heat, light, or age. Where possible, we try to sell directly to the consumer, because this insures that our customers receive the beer in the best possible condition.

Please browse our website to find out more about our specialty beers and our company.



The Tap Room is open Fridays 3-7pm and Saturdays 12-6pm