• Isarweizen
  • Das Bier, Kolsch


Das Bier, (Kölsch-Style Ale)

We decided to call our Kölsch-style beer "Das Bier" (The Beer) because a Kölsch is a standard, solid representation of beer. As usual with we try to stay as close as possible to what a traditional Kölsch is supposed to taste like, although it is our interpretation of the classic style. Bright and clean, Das Bier is perfect for those hot Oregon days. It has a crisp malt character with a touch of hop bitterness. Typically available late May through August. (5.1% ABV, 25 IBU, 4 SRM)

Isarweizen, ("E-Sar-Vihy-Sen" Bavarian-Style Wheat Beer)

Sarah Forga, a friend of Lisa's, spent a year taking classes and interning at the Isar Brau Brew Pub in Munich. She brought back the recipe for their Wheat Beer, and we made it here at the brewery. The Isarweizen will vary from year to year, but usually has some clove, nutmeg, banana, and tutti-frutti aromas, with the clove and nutmeg taking the lead.  A little acidity balances with the sweetness of the beer's fruit flavors.  Crisp and refreshing - just the thing for summer. We only make 1 or 2 batches of this and it is available starting mid to late July until we run out. (4.8%, 15 IBU, 5 SRM)

Sticke Alt (Secret-Alt Beer)

"Sticke" means "secret" in German. The Sticke Alt was actually a pleasant mistake made by an Alt producer in Dusseldorf that became so popular they continued to produce it several times a year, typically for release in October and January. Our Sticke Alt was first made in 2013 with the NW Chapter of the Pink Boots Society (a group of women beer professionals) and was Lisa's very first recipe. We liked the Sticke so much we decided to make it a regular seasonal. This beer is perfect for the fall. It's rich malty notes are balanced with a nice hoppy zing on the finish. Sticke is available at the beginning of October. (6.10%, 38 IBU, 14 SRM)