Occasionally we only brew a beer once or we discontinue a beer. This space is a list of past beers we have brewed and, starting summer 2016, we will add descriptions of any new one-off beers we brew. Beers that are still available will be in BOLD.

  • Sassy Bock: This beer is a collaboration with Tree House Brewing from Monson, MA. Tree House is known for their "juicy" IPAs, so we decided to combine our strength with theirs and make a dry-hopped bock, Heater Allen's first ever dry-hopped beer! Sassy Bock has a juicy citrus and tropical aroma that is balanced by the rich malt palate. Kegs are being sold around the Portland area and we have 22oz growlers available for purchase at the brewery for $6/btl. 
  • EICHENBOCK: An oak aged Doppelbock, this beer was a collaboration with de Garde Brewing in Tillamook. Bottles are available only at the brewery $8/btl.
  • STERK EN DONKER: This was Strong and Dark Belgian-style ale and was the first Belgian beer we did for the 2015 Cheers to Belgian Beers, we still have a small amount available in bottle at the brewery $7/btl.
  • BARREL-AGED DOPPELBOCK: We barrel aged doppelbock in Gin, Rye, and Whisky barrels from Ransom Spirits.  We blended the Rye and Whisky together and bottled them.  We added some base beer back to the Gin barrel beer and bottled that as well.  These are only available at the Tap Room.
  • BLOCKHOUSE: This is a beer we are brewing for an event at the Portland Art Museum.  The beer is supposed to reflect the thoughts that the brewer has about a particular painting.  In our case, the painting is "Yamhill Blockhouse" by Constance Fowler.  Lisa has concocted an oak-smoked wheat and rye beer as her interpretation.  This will be out in keg only in early November.