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Our friends at R&R Culinaire will be back to build you a platter of baos to munch with your beers. Bao are super delicious buns with fillings. R&R serves them more like sammies than filled buns..that allows for a plethora of fabulous filling options. HuffPost says" According to Chinese legend, mantou (the bun created by steaming the yeast instead of baking it) was invented when an army general named Zhuge Liang had to lead his army across a dangerous river. The people on the other side of the river ordered Liang to sever the heads of 50 of his men if he wanted to safely cross. Not particularly fond of that idea, Liang created a pretty clever ruse: He made large steamed buns and floated them across the river in place of real human heads." Here's the deal... they go great with beer, that's all I'm saying.

Come on out and EAtttttt!