Very few American breweries produce dunkels, so we've taken it upon ourselves to help set things right. This is the beer that made Munich famous. The challenge is getting the color right without using too much black malt, as this beer shouldn't display that character. We use 90% Munich Malt in the grist, along with a small amount of Amber and Caramel Malt and less than 1% Carafa (a German Black Malt). The beer is dark brown/red in color, with both malt and subtle hop aromas. The beer shows strong and complex malt character, with a hint of milk chocolate. The hops take a back seat to the malt, and only keep things in balance. This beer is great with aged cheeses like cheddar and gouda, sauteed mushrooms, or braised meats and sausage.  (1.014 FG, 5.25%, 24 IBU, 16 SRM) 

We also occasionally make a Rauch Dunkel. This beer is similar to our regular Dunkel except that we replaced a portion of the Munich Malt with smoked malt. The smoked malt we used is smoked with beech wood and adds a nice bacony flavor to the beer. The Rauch Dunkel is typically available in keg and bottle in mid-March.

2010 NW Brewing News Readers' Choice Dark Lager

The Dunkel is currently ranked as the #7 Dunkel style beer in the world on