Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, we're really not great at updating this thing, are we? Here is our Brewsletter we sent out last week, talking about what's been happening at the brewery. If you are interested in getting our Brewsletter (we send out about one a month) please fill out the form on the "Contact" page and let us know you'd like to be added.

Around the brewery
Things have slowed down significantly as they do when the weather starts getting cooler, but, as always, we are managing to stay busy. The biggest thing that has happened lately has been changing our glycol jacketed 12 BBL horizontal lagering tank (affectionately referred to as “the pig”) into a cold liquor tank (CLT). The CLT is a vessel in which to store cold water. Prior to having the CLT we used tap water to chill our wort. Our fermentation temperature is 52° F and our goal is to go into to fermenter as close to this temperature as possible, going in at too high of a temperature can hinder yeast production. This summer our wort was reaching 70-72° F by just using tap water and was slowing our fermentations. With the addition of the CLT we were able to go into fermenter at about 60° F on hot days; this week we were really excited that we were in fermenter at 56° F! The addition of the CLT has made a world of difference in our fermentations and will be a huge help next summer. Speaking of next summer, we are hoping to add another 15 BBL lagering tank this spring to help us have more beer available for summer 2015.

What’s brewing?
The last couple of brew sessions we have been experimenting with our hop additions in our Pils. Don’t worry it won’t change too much! We changed our bittering hop this summer and have been noticing a little more bitterness than desired in the Pils. Both of these experiment batches are bubbling away in fermenter and are already tasting delicious. So those with a discerning palate may notice a little change in the Pils come January. 

During this time of year it is traditional in Germany to brew Bockbier. Being a brewery that brews German-style beers we are getting ready for this season. Next week we will be brewing our Winter Bock (formerly known as “Hugo” this year we are changing the label to look more like our Doppelbock (Mediator) and Helles/Maibock (Lenzbock) labels) and will follow with the Mediator in December and the Lenzbock we will brew in mid-January. These beers always take longer in the fermenter and we like to give them a bit more lagering time as well. The Bock will be released in January, Mediator in February, and we’ll finish up Bockbier season with Lenzbock in April. And for all of the smoked beer fans out there, we plan on brewing Rauch Dunkel for release in March.

Upcoming Releases
Since we added our 15 BBL brewhouse last December we have been working on the kinks of when we need to brew what while we also are learning how to brew on the bigger system. With lager beers that take two months from brew day to release day we have to plan ahead and sometimes it can be a bit difficult. I mention this because our Dunkel that we wanted to have available in October won’t be ready until early December. But the Dunkel is tasting quite delicious. Kegs of the Dunkel will be out in early December and bottles will follow mid-month.
And what about Sandy Paws? We bottled Sandy Paws last Monday and have a limited cases available at the brewery. Kegs are extremely limited of this beer as we only brewed one 15 BBL batch and we are planning on bottling most of it. Look for kegs on tap at Belmont Station, Horse Brass, Bailey’s, Beermongers, and Saraveza. This year’s label is graced by Pelton, a puggle (pug/beagle mix) from Seattle. 

Events and Tastings
For anyone coming out to wine country in the coming weeks the brewery will be open for tastings on Friday the 28th, and Saturday the 29th. Both days we will be open from 12-5pm and we are getting some delicious pretzels from Frau Pretzels. We will pouring six beers, tasting flights will be $10, pretzel included, and pints will be $5. As always we offer a $10 discount on all case purchases.

Since the taproom has been closed we have been trying to get out and about to pour our beers more frequently. We always post our tastings in the “Events and Tastings” page on our website and on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Instgram (@heaterallenbeer)). The first week of December we are busy with a tap takeover at Horse Brass Pub on the 4th, a tasting at First Friday in Newberg on the 5th, and a tasting at the new New Seasons Grant Park on the 6th. Check out the website for more information about these events.
Cheers and, as always, thank you for your support!
Rick, Lisa, and Patrick