Happy 2014!!!

2014 should be an exciting year for us at Heater Allen. With our new 15 BBL brew system up and running (check out our gallery to see some pics) we will be able to produce more beer then ever before and therefore be able to sell our beer to more places that want it. The beer is also, finally, making it's way out of Oregon; we will be working with a distributor in Northern California starting within the next month and are looking into distributing to Washington as well. Our taproom will open back up in February and we already have several tastings and events scheduled for the first part of the year.

We are brewing as fast as we can. After having to take about six weeks off of brewing while the new system got installed we were definitely ready to get back at it. Although it took some getting used to, our new system is now working great and we are excited to be able to make more of our beer without compromising on quality. Coastal, Schwarz, and a couple batches of Pils are currently sitting in lagering tank, and there is more Pils and Hugo in fermenter. This week we will be brewing Mediator and next Monday we will be bottling the first batches of beer to come off of the new system. 

As mentioned earlier our taproom will open back up in February. We felt the Oregon Craft Beer event Zwickelmania would be the perfect time to do this. Zwickelmania is in it's sixth year and is free statewide event taking place at participating Oregon breweries. A zwickel is a sample valve on a tank and the idea behind Zwickelmania is to try zwickel beer (a beer that is still in the process of being made). We will be pouring a taste of zwickel beer for free and will have other beers available to taste for a small fee. For this event we will be opening a hour earlier than our usual taproom hours and will be here from 11am-5pm.

That's all for now. As usual, please contact us with any questions at beer@heaterallen.com or give us a call at (503)472-4898, oh, and Facebook works as well. Thanks again for your support!