And the winner is . . .

We would like to congratulate Laura Wang on winning this year's Sandy Paws drawing. Laura and her husband both work as surgical technologists in the Portland area and recently purchased a home in Vancouver. Laura enjoys skiing, painting and photography in her spare time, so we are sure to get a fantastic picture for the label.

The dog that will grace the label is a black German Shepherd named Taka, which means "noble" in Japanese. She is 11 months old and dwarfs over all the dogs at the dog park. Taka lives up to her "noble" name and enjoys to play Frisbee and swim. As a puppy Taka somewhat resembled a black lab leading Laura's husband to question if they had actually purchased a German Shepherd--then the ears popped up and all doubt disappeared. 

Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing. We raised over $2,000 for the McMinnville Education Foundation. 


Taka and her large ears

Taka and her large ears