Heater Allen Brewsletter 4/11/13

What's happening at the Brewery

We have big changes going on this summer/fall. First, we will (hopefully) be opening our new tasting room by Memorial Day. If nothing else, we will be open that weekend, and pouring beer in some updated space. Some of the related improvements include a large new walk-in cooler for more tanks, bottle storage, and a place to hang some taps, and a spiffy new bar.

Second, we've decided to get a bigger brew system. Our current system really isn't designed for the kind of brewing (German - if you want to know the difference, ask us at an Open House) that we do, and at times it has been hard to keep up with demand. In late August or early September we'll take delivery of a brand new 15 Barrel system that is custom-designed for our brewing needs. This should allow us to make even better beer, keep our Portland accounts happy for the next few years, and let us expand our distribution into Washington and Northern California. Needless to say we are very excited and a little bit scared.

What's Brewing

Our latest seasonal, Lenzbock, will finally be ready to bottle in another week or two. I say finally because it has tasted delicious since it was racked into its lagering tank six weeks ago. If I keep taking samples out of the tank there won't be any left to bottle or keg! Lenzbock is a Helles Bock - a pale bock that tips the scales at 6.75% ABV and 34 IBUs.

We are brewing the season's first batch of IsarWeizen tomorrow. We expect to brew a couple of batches now, and then brew a second round in August, right before we shut down to old system. Look for it in stores in about five weeks.

The next three months is crucial to the Brewery. Since we're always brewing for two months ahead, beer we make in the next month will be available in late June and July - prime time to beer drinking! This is the time of year when any interruptions can mean less beer, and eventually disappointed customers. So after several weeks of alternating vacations, Lisa and I will be here for the foreseeable future, making sure that we are brewing as much as we can.

New Website

Lisa has been working on our new website, and it's pretty much ready for prime time now. Take a look and let us know what you think. Lisa is hoping to add more pictures in the next week or two.

Thanks, as always, for your support!

Rick Allen and Lisa Allen