July Brewsletter/Quick Summer Roundup!

We are pretty bad about writing a consistent blog, but I am going to try and post all of our monthly brewsletters to this page. If you would like to subscribe to our brewsletter you can do so on the "contact" page.

As I have mentioned in many of the previous Brewsletters summer is a busy time for us. Right now we are brewing a lot of Pils and we just finished brewing Bobtoberfest.On Friday of this week we will be brewing our first batch of our Kölsch-style ale, Das Bier. We were hoping to bottle Das Bier this year but because of time constraints it doesn't look like we are going to be able to make it happen--let's hope for next year!

We have a couple of events coming up in the next couple of weeks . . . This coming weekend we will have the taproom open from 12-5pm--as it is the second Saturday of the month. Saturday we will also have a keg of the Coastal at Lagerfest at the White Owl Social Club, click here for more details. The following Saturday (July 18th) we will have beer at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse McMenamins for the Roadhouse Brewfest, more details about that can be found here. Finally, on July 30th, Rick will be at the Green Dragon in Portland for their Thursday night "Meet the Brewer" event starting at 6pm.

More in the next Brewsletter!

Rick, Lisa, and Patrick 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, we're really not great at updating this thing, are we? Here is our Brewsletter we sent out last week, talking about what's been happening at the brewery. If you are interested in getting our Brewsletter (we send out about one a month) please fill out the form on the "Contact" page and let us know you'd like to be added.

Around the brewery
Things have slowed down significantly as they do when the weather starts getting cooler, but, as always, we are managing to stay busy. The biggest thing that has happened lately has been changing our glycol jacketed 12 BBL horizontal lagering tank (affectionately referred to as “the pig”) into a cold liquor tank (CLT). The CLT is a vessel in which to store cold water. Prior to having the CLT we used tap water to chill our wort. Our fermentation temperature is 52° F and our goal is to go into to fermenter as close to this temperature as possible, going in at too high of a temperature can hinder yeast production. This summer our wort was reaching 70-72° F by just using tap water and was slowing our fermentations. With the addition of the CLT we were able to go into fermenter at about 60° F on hot days; this week we were really excited that we were in fermenter at 56° F! The addition of the CLT has made a world of difference in our fermentations and will be a huge help next summer. Speaking of next summer, we are hoping to add another 15 BBL lagering tank this spring to help us have more beer available for summer 2015.

What’s brewing?
The last couple of brew sessions we have been experimenting with our hop additions in our Pils. Don’t worry it won’t change too much! We changed our bittering hop this summer and have been noticing a little more bitterness than desired in the Pils. Both of these experiment batches are bubbling away in fermenter and are already tasting delicious. So those with a discerning palate may notice a little change in the Pils come January. 

During this time of year it is traditional in Germany to brew Bockbier. Being a brewery that brews German-style beers we are getting ready for this season. Next week we will be brewing our Winter Bock (formerly known as “Hugo” this year we are changing the label to look more like our Doppelbock (Mediator) and Helles/Maibock (Lenzbock) labels) and will follow with the Mediator in December and the Lenzbock we will brew in mid-January. These beers always take longer in the fermenter and we like to give them a bit more lagering time as well. The Bock will be released in January, Mediator in February, and we’ll finish up Bockbier season with Lenzbock in April. And for all of the smoked beer fans out there, we plan on brewing Rauch Dunkel for release in March.

Upcoming Releases
Since we added our 15 BBL brewhouse last December we have been working on the kinks of when we need to brew what while we also are learning how to brew on the bigger system. With lager beers that take two months from brew day to release day we have to plan ahead and sometimes it can be a bit difficult. I mention this because our Dunkel that we wanted to have available in October won’t be ready until early December. But the Dunkel is tasting quite delicious. Kegs of the Dunkel will be out in early December and bottles will follow mid-month.
And what about Sandy Paws? We bottled Sandy Paws last Monday and have a limited cases available at the brewery. Kegs are extremely limited of this beer as we only brewed one 15 BBL batch and we are planning on bottling most of it. Look for kegs on tap at Belmont Station, Horse Brass, Bailey’s, Beermongers, and Saraveza. This year’s label is graced by Pelton, a puggle (pug/beagle mix) from Seattle. 

Events and Tastings
For anyone coming out to wine country in the coming weeks the brewery will be open for tastings on Friday the 28th, and Saturday the 29th. Both days we will be open from 12-5pm and we are getting some delicious pretzels from Frau Pretzels. We will pouring six beers, tasting flights will be $10, pretzel included, and pints will be $5. As always we offer a $10 discount on all case purchases.

Since the taproom has been closed we have been trying to get out and about to pour our beers more frequently. We always post our tastings in the “Events and Tastings” page on our website and on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Instgram (@heaterallenbeer)). The first week of December we are busy with a tap takeover at Horse Brass Pub on the 4th, a tasting at First Friday in Newberg on the 5th, and a tasting at the new New Seasons Grant Park on the 6th. Check out the website for more information about these events.
Cheers and, as always, thank you for your support!
Rick, Lisa, and Patrick 


Happy 2014!!!

2014 should be an exciting year for us at Heater Allen. With our new 15 BBL brew system up and running (check out our gallery to see some pics) we will be able to produce more beer then ever before and therefore be able to sell our beer to more places that want it. The beer is also, finally, making it's way out of Oregon; we will be working with a distributor in Northern California starting within the next month and are looking into distributing to Washington as well. Our taproom will open back up in February and we already have several tastings and events scheduled for the first part of the year.

We are brewing as fast as we can. After having to take about six weeks off of brewing while the new system got installed we were definitely ready to get back at it. Although it took some getting used to, our new system is now working great and we are excited to be able to make more of our beer without compromising on quality. Coastal, Schwarz, and a couple batches of Pils are currently sitting in lagering tank, and there is more Pils and Hugo in fermenter. This week we will be brewing Mediator and next Monday we will be bottling the first batches of beer to come off of the new system. 

As mentioned earlier our taproom will open back up in February. We felt the Oregon Craft Beer event Zwickelmania would be the perfect time to do this. Zwickelmania is in it's sixth year and is free statewide event taking place at participating Oregon breweries. A zwickel is a sample valve on a tank and the idea behind Zwickelmania is to try zwickel beer (a beer that is still in the process of being made). We will be pouring a taste of zwickel beer for free and will have other beers available to taste for a small fee. For this event we will be opening a hour earlier than our usual taproom hours and will be here from 11am-5pm.

That's all for now. As usual, please contact us with any questions at beer@heaterallen.com or give us a call at (503)472-4898, oh, and Facebook works as well. Thanks again for your support!


New System

Yesterday was the day! Our new 15 BBL brew house arrived from JVNW. Today they are putting the whole thing together and in the next week or so we are hoping to have it plumbed, electrified, and gassed so we can start brewing again. Check out all of the pictures I just posted to our new gallery page of all of the pieces coming together.

I would also like to thank the folks at R&B Rubber, Remy and Paul from Remy Wines, and Vince from Brittan Vineyards for helping us with their forklifts (since we don't have one). More pictures coming soon! 


Slacking on the Blog

So we haven't been the greatest at keeping up with the blog, but we are in for some down time here at Heater Allen as well as some big changes. Not only are we slipping into the slow beer months of winter, but we are taking a month off of brewing while we get our new system put in. Yes, you heard that right, new system--Heater Allen is expanding! Trading in our 6 BBL brew system for a shinny, new 15 BBL system is a little scary, but we are excited for what it will allow us to do. We are hoping we will be able to keep more beer in stock and spread our distribution wings outside of Oregon. We never want to get too big, but we want to be able to sell beer to people that want to buy it--funny how that works. I'll try and take a bunch of pictures to show you all the process.



The Heater Allen Taproom

Just wanted to mention a few things about our new taproom . . . 

First of all, for those of you that didn't know last weekend we had our official opening of our taproom. It was a little slow, but the two weekends we have been open have allowed us to tweak our hours slightly. We originally were planning on having the taproom open Friday and Saturday from 12pm-6pm, but after a slow start to Friday and a slow finish to Saturday, we are now going to be open from 1pm-6pm on Friday and 12pm-5pm on Saturday.  

Secondly, if you are unable to visit the taproom on a Friday or Saturday please contact us to visit at another time as someone is usually at the brewery from 8am-4pm Monday-Thursday. However, we can only do tastings outside our normal brewery hours, so if you want to come for a pint, you have to visit us on a Friday or Saturday.

Finally, right now the taproom is being run by myself, my mom, and my dad so there may be a few weekends we are closed for family events. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but that's the way it is with a family run business. By next summer we are hoping to have someone help out, so this shouldn't be an issue. 

Hope everyone is having a great summer!


And the winner is . . .

We would like to congratulate Laura Wang on winning this year's Sandy Paws drawing. Laura and her husband both work as surgical technologists in the Portland area and recently purchased a home in Vancouver. Laura enjoys skiing, painting and photography in her spare time, so we are sure to get a fantastic picture for the label.

The dog that will grace the label is a black German Shepherd named Taka, which means "noble" in Japanese. She is 11 months old and dwarfs over all the dogs at the dog park. Taka lives up to her "noble" name and enjoys to play Frisbee and swim. As a puppy Taka somewhat resembled a black lab leading Laura's husband to question if they had actually purchased a German Shepherd--then the ears popped up and all doubt disappeared. 

Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing. We raised over $2,000 for the McMinnville Education Foundation. 


Taka and her large ears

Taka and her large ears

Taproom is a coming . . .

This past week we have made significant progress on our taproom. The large cold room that was recently installed is now cold and our bathroom remodel was just finished this morning. That said there are still several things that need to be done. Our stainless steel bar top needs to be installed; although we have made progress, the taps coming out of the cold room are not quite finished; and we are waiting to get power to the dishwasher. That being said we have decided on a date for our official opening. The weekend of June 28-29 we will have a kind of soft opening--we want to use this weekend to work out any kinks that may come up in daily business. We will be closed for the Fourth of July weekend (July 5-6) and then we will have our Grand Opening the weekend of July 12-13. Right now our we are planning for the taproom to be open Fridays and Saturdays from 12-6pm. Hope to see your smiling faces soon!

Sandy Paws Drawing

For those of you that entered the Sandy Paws raffle we will be drawing the winning ticket at 5pm this Saturday (May 25th). The plan is to draw five tickets, all five of these tickets will receive a case of Sandy Paws when it is released. We will then make the final drawing from these five tickets. If you are not able to be present for the drawing we will contact you if you win. Good luck!!!
Lisa Allen

Tasting Room

I really wanted the Grand Opening for our tasting room to be Memorial day weekend. Unfortunately it's not going to happen. With the new system coming at the end of August/early September we had to install a new cold room in our second space. Because the cold room had to go in where part of the tasting room was going to be we haven't been able to do all of the work that needs to be done on the tasting room. Long story short we are hoping to officially be open by early to mid June. To start with we will be open Friday and Saturday from noon until six, we will still be open by appointment on the other days of the week.

Even though the tasting room will not be ready by Memorial day weekend we will still be open that Saturday pouring and selling beer. Hours will be noon to five (perhaps six) and we will be pouring Pils, Schwarz, Coastal, Isarweizen, and Rauch Dunkel. We will also be selling the Rauch Dunkel at a discounted price; this beer was only available in bottle at the brewery and it is delicious. 

All for now! Cheers!


Heater Allen Brewsletter 4/11/13

What's happening at the Brewery

We have big changes going on this summer/fall. First, we will (hopefully) be opening our new tasting room by Memorial Day. If nothing else, we will be open that weekend, and pouring beer in some updated space. Some of the related improvements include a large new walk-in cooler for more tanks, bottle storage, and a place to hang some taps, and a spiffy new bar.

Second, we've decided to get a bigger brew system. Our current system really isn't designed for the kind of brewing (German - if you want to know the difference, ask us at an Open House) that we do, and at times it has been hard to keep up with demand. In late August or early September we'll take delivery of a brand new 15 Barrel system that is custom-designed for our brewing needs. This should allow us to make even better beer, keep our Portland accounts happy for the next few years, and let us expand our distribution into Washington and Northern California. Needless to say we are very excited and a little bit scared.

What's Brewing

Our latest seasonal, Lenzbock, will finally be ready to bottle in another week or two. I say finally because it has tasted delicious since it was racked into its lagering tank six weeks ago. If I keep taking samples out of the tank there won't be any left to bottle or keg! Lenzbock is a Helles Bock - a pale bock that tips the scales at 6.75% ABV and 34 IBUs.

We are brewing the season's first batch of IsarWeizen tomorrow. We expect to brew a couple of batches now, and then brew a second round in August, right before we shut down to old system. Look for it in stores in about five weeks.

The next three months is crucial to the Brewery. Since we're always brewing for two months ahead, beer we make in the next month will be available in late June and July - prime time to beer drinking! This is the time of year when any interruptions can mean less beer, and eventually disappointed customers. So after several weeks of alternating vacations, Lisa and I will be here for the foreseeable future, making sure that we are brewing as much as we can.

New Website

Lisa has been working on our new website, and it's pretty much ready for prime time now. Take a look and let us know what you think. Lisa is hoping to add more pictures in the next week or two.

Thanks, as always, for your support!

Rick Allen and Lisa Allen

New Website

Finally got this page to go to that web address to match that IP address to get our new website up and running. I'm lucky my boyfriend is good with computer stuff. Let me know what you think of the new website and if you see any glaring errors or any suggestions of stuff we should add.

Slow week at the brewery

January and February tend to be a bit slow in the beer business. We use this time to get things done around the brewery that we usually don't have time for. This week we are getting our Brew Kettle repaired. The Brew Kettle has had a leak in it for some time so we sent it away with our friends at Aero Welding to get it fixed. We should be getting our Kettle back later today, so we will be back to brewing Pils on Friday (at least we hope to be).