Master Brewer/Owner: Rick Allen

Rick spent years as a investment banker before deciding to start Heater Allen Brewing. Disappointed by the stale, heat damaged European Pilsners that were sold in the US and the lack of credible American Pilsners, Rick made it his mission to make the best Bohemian-style Pilsner possible. He enjoys cycling, collecting and tasting local wines, and is passionate about locally sourced food products. 

Head Brewer: Lisa Allen

Lisa joined the brewery in December of 2009. After living the life of a wine vagrant for a few years after University, Lisa decided to start working for the family business. She enjoys Champagne, hiking, watching British crime procedurals, and, of course, beer. 

Sales: Patrick Harkins

Patrick joined the Heater Allen team in spring of 2013. Having worked in the wine industry for 10 yrs in both sales and production, he was excited to make his filling his refrigerator with beer hobby a full blown career. He loves animals, baseball, loves to travel, loves to buy American made products, and unlike his dog, he eats mostly vegan. 


How the Brewery came to be

When Rick started home brewing 25 years ago, he seemed to have a knack for making good beer.  When the opportunity came up to move away from the banking world, his first thought was to look into brewing. After a short stint at a California winery, Rick decided that a brewery focused around a more niche-oriented product made sense. Before getting licensed, he spent a year working on brewing techniques, consistency, and recipe development. At one point he brewed 14 batches of Pilsner in a row - unheard of for a home brewer!  

With encouragement from family and a number of friends, Rick started Heater Allen in April of 2007. The brewery started with a glorified home-brew system of 20 gallon batches. After the initial success of the brewery a 6 BBL system was purchased and installed in the spring of 2008. In late fall of 2013 a brand new 15 BBL system was installed to keep up with growing demand. Yearly barrel production as of end of 2015 was approximately 1100 barrels.

Where the brewery got its name

Heater is Rick's wife Jan's maiden name, and Allen is his last name. He figures that you should always give your wife first billing. While Rick has little German heritage on his side of the family, most of Jan's family is of German descent. Their daughter Lisa who works for the brewery is a true Heater Allen.